Loans for civil servants.

Loans for civil servants are different from normal loans for employees. Civil servants are considered non-resignable because they are employed by the state. This ensures their income and the risk of default is significantly lower than that of employees. Nowadays, almost every bank can apply for a loan for civil servants.

They offer these on special terms that are much cheaper than normal loans. As with all loans, the loan amount, the term and the monthly repayment rate are decisive. So the borrower should compare the loan offers before signing a contract. It is always worthwhile to inquire at your own bank and compare the interest with other banks.

Loans for civil servants – not only suitable for this professional group

Loans for civil servants - not only suitable for this professional group

Credit institutions do not only lend to civil servants to civil servants. Even employees with a high salary benefit from the same conditions. Employees working for the railways, post office and pension insurance can also take out a loan for civil servants.

The advantage for the applicant is that the credit institutions also classify the respective job as safe and thus favorable interest rates are awarded. Long-term loans always have a higher interest rate. Here it is worth considering the purpose for which the official loan should be used.

Lite lender credit without Credit bureau

Lite lender credit without Credit bureau

Officials can also take out a loan abroad. This is called a Lite lender loan. This is applied for with a credit broker who can be found on the Internet. He works together in banks abroad, such as in Switzerland and Belgium, and transmits the applicant’s data to the latter. Then he receives different offers, which are then forwarded to the customer. The latter then has the opportunity to choose an offer.

The advantage of these loans is that neither the loan is entered in Credit bureau, nor is Credit bureau asked whether loans already exist. This means that further loans can be taken out in the near future.

Official loan comparison

Official loan comparison

Official loans should only be taken out if the offer has been compared with others. Otherwise, since the market has many offers, it will be difficult to find the best offer. Banks want to win over civil servants as customers and compete strongly with other institutions. The selection is therefore very large and can only be checked if a comparison is made.